Trampoline exercises for kids benefits

Trampoline exercises for kids

Check these Trampoline exercises for kids. They are awesome for little ones start in trampoline, and these exercises are complete and bring lots of benefits for kids development. Also, have a look at our posts about the importance of kids’ swimming lessons and the importance of using helmet while cycling. I suggest you have a look at these bouncy castles too. 

The benefits of trampoline for children and babies has been proven by several therapists, who developed a therapy on the trampoline, in order to facilitate the stages of development of infants and children. This is because it facilitates the execution of the movement, and decreases the force of action that the baby does to move from lying to sitting, for Trampoline exercises for kids

So, include Trampoline exercises for kids is great and can bring lots of benefits for your little one. Read on! 

Trampoline exercises for kids development


The benefits of exercises done on the trampoline are almost unlimited. For example, if the baby is crawling, he can transfer the weight to the upper and lower limbs, and then start a drive on foot.

Children with sensory deficit do not fit properly and peaceful way and can show insecure, oversensitive and hyperactive, and also demonstrate a delay in motor development or skill deficit.

For these cases, Trampoline exercises for kids can have multiple benefits because it acts directly on the sensory systems, almost like organizing the brain.

Trampoline exercise for kidsTo begin, children should know the space and material, in this case, the trampoline. Explain to the child all the care that should be on the trampoline. Explain that jumps start with a run, and if you have more than one child, explain the importance of not to push each other while waiting.

The mattresses should be well positioned and you should ALWAYS stay next to the trampoline to give protection to children. It is important that you make sure that the springs are covered.

Now, check some great Trampoline exercises for kids.

Learning to jump

A good way to lose the fear of the trampoline, and adjust the movements to springboard resistance is starting jumping in the stop position.

1. Start on top of the trampoline. Give your hands to the child and ask her to take a few leaps and help her down. The ascent and descent of the trampoline should be walking.

2. The next step: To exit the trampoline, each child should jump to the mattress and dropped feet.

3. Place a plinth or bench in front of the trampoline. Smaller should rise in this device and jump on the trampoline, and then jump Trampoline exercises for kids benefitsto the mattress.

Jumping with race

  1. Now we will increase the difficulty of the exercises. To do this, remove the initial support for the jump.

2. You should establish a distance of about 5 meters to start the jump. For children who are beginning, go along with them from the start of the race to the landing on the mattress.

3. The child must run, jump with both feet at the same time on the trampoline and fall on the mattress.

Well, now you can start enjoying all the benefits of the trampoline with these Trampoline exercises for kids.

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