best 5 children's winter sports

Top 5 Children’s winter sports

In this article we will talking about the Top 5 Children’s Winter Sports¸ and how you can motivate your kids to do sports when they will to stay at home watching television kicks in. You might also like to read our posts about best 5 team sports for young children and how to create a sporting habit. You can also have a look at this great Frozen Party

Top 5 Children’s Winter Sports: Have a great time!

There are many winter sports kids love, but some of them are truly amazing. Check in this post some of the best ones, and I am sure your little ones will wish winter come fast! Check now the top 5 Children’s winter sports and choose one with your loved one!

top 5 children's winter sports curling


The Canadian Olympic sport famous for the brushes is a very good option for winter sports.

It has physical activity but is mainly a mental activity, being even compared to chess sometimes for the strategy needed to play.

It consists of sliding stones down ice to a bullseye at the end of the track, in order to score the highest scores with the eight stones available. It’s the first sports in our Top 5 Children’s Winter Sports list.

Ice Biking

This sports seems dangerous but there are usually security measures surrounding it, otherwise it would not be done.

It is radical and you can bet kids love it, for the adrenaline that kicks in when they do it.

It basically consists of riding bikes on frozen lakes or frozen roads, sometimes in places that aren’t available to people during months of no cold. Some states have races for this sports.

best 5 children's winter sports

Dog Sledding

This seems Hollywood make-believe it is actually a possibility and a magnificent experience for kid, believe us.

Being our third option on Top 5 Children’s Winter Sports, dog sledding has even classes in some states, teaching children how to work in team with dogs and how to control the sled. Some of them even offer tours.

This sport can teach children some very important skills like leadership and communication, especially helpful if you have dogs.


This famous sport his radical and helps kids build their confidence due to the radicalness of it.

It is very good for people who leave nearby mountains but it can be for anyone, making its fourth place on our Top 5 Children’s Winter Sports list.

It consists of growing down the hill surfing the snow on a board that his attached to your special boots.


This is a sport very similar to snowboarding, being the difference two sticks and two sleds on each foot.

It is radical, adventurous and also consists in going down a hill in this equipment. There are many schools or resorts that allow you to experiment it, but you can also try it by yourself with your kids.

Hope we have motivated you to take your kids to exercise during winter. These are our favourite sports that we feel should be included in our Top 5 Children’s Winter Sports list.

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