School's Sports Day skipping

School’s Sports Day

Planning a School’s Sports Day is not so easy! There are lot of things that we need to be careful so the kids have a memorable day. We will help you organising and will give you some tips that certainly are precious!

School’s Sports Day: Activities

When you are planning a School’s Sports Day first of all you need to pay attention to the ages of the students. Separate them into ages and adapt each activity according to that.

  • Basketball Pass – Organise groups of 2 ou 3 children and give them a soft ball, because it is easier to catch (if they are older you can give them basketballs). The game consists in see how many passes they can complete in the given time.School's Sports Day basket
  • Throwing – The farther ball goes, more points they get. Put three marks on the ground with ropes and point each one. For example, the closer rope 1 point, second 2 point and third 3 points.School's Sports Day throwing
  • Jumping – Call children to measure standing long jump. Record all jumps over 1 meter with 1 point. You can record in a different way if they are smaller or older!School's Sports Day jumping
  • Skipping Rope – Give children a rope. The point is they have the biggest number of jumps in the given time. According to their age you have to adapt the time. For example, 20 seconds to the smaller and 40 seconds for the older.School's Sports Day skipping
  • Running – Place marks in the ground to define the course. Choose a limit of time (e.g. 10 minutes) and count how many times the kids complete the course.
  • Running Hurdles – Place small hurdles for young children, and bigger for the older. Organize them in groups of three or four. Each one will run through the hurdles course and the first team finish it wins.
  • Rest – Don’t forget to give one rest station for children. All physic activities require some rest and School’s Sports Day is not an exception!

School’s Sports Day: Equipment

For everything goes well you have to make an equipment list according to the activities you will do. For the activities above you will need:

  • 9 softballs
  • 2 basketballs
  • 6 Footballs
  • 3 length ropes
  • Tape measure
  • Skipping ropes
  • Stop Clock
  • 14 cones

School’s Sports Day: Make it GREATSchool's Sports Day team sport

Majority of children love sport activities, mainly if they are all together. Health Competition is very important to make your kid understands how important is solidarity, mutual support, understanding and tolerance.

So, you can stimulate all of these feelings with group sports. Ideally you can enrol your kid in a football team, or rugby team. No matter what sport your child will practice, since your child does one!

Place some fruits and sandwiches in a table for kids when they are resting. Don’t forget to put a lot of water at kids disposable on your School’s Sports Day!

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