Pros of horse riding for kids

Today we are going to tell you the pros of horse riding for kids. If you are looking for the best sport to enrol your kid, then you must ensure you consider horse riding. Check all the benefits of it, and then you just need to decide. Also, have a look at our previous posts such as best 5 team sports for young children and how to create a sporting habit

Equestrianism is increasingly valued because of the great advantages and benefits it brings to the people who practice it.

Besides providing moments of great fun, it has numerous physical, psychological and social benefits, which makes it different from all other traditional sports.

5 pros of horse riding for kids

Horse-riding schools generally open classes for children from the age of two, and the advantages are even more visible in young children, especially in this age group.

Let’s see what the main advantages and pros of horse riding for kids.

5 pros of horse riding for kids

There are several pros of horse riding for kids but we can namely 5.

Improves balance, motor coordination and body posture

When riding on a horse, it makes movements for all directions and sides, which causes you, and the child who is learning, to make these movements as well.

Thus, in order to cope with the movement, as well as the constant change of balance caused by the horse’s walking, and to be able to stay on top of it, the child will have to be concentrated, with her alert system activated.

Only this way the kid will not fall, and only then you can straighten your body posture.

In this way, one of the pros of horse riding for kids is to promote the coordination, stretching, and strengthening of all the musculature involved.


Develops all the senses

Horse riding is one of the most complete sports, and it promotes, in a natural way, the development of all 5 senses.

Thus, when child hears the sound of the horse’s paws hitting the ground she is developing the hearing, while the contact with the hair and the body of the animal is developing the touch.

Develops spatio-temporal orientation

The rhythm of riding, as well as the position of the child, and the distances travelled, cause the children to develop the spatio-temporal orientation.

In addition, specific activities may be performed with the horse in order to improve this ability.


Improves self-esteem and self-confidence in children and helps them overcome difficulties

In fact, horse riding has great advantages for those who want to create a relationship of friendship, and affinity with the horse, thus developing a very noble feeling about biodiversity.

This relationship between the child and the horse makes her feel more comfortable, realising the extent to which her actions can go smoothly.

In addition, by mastering a large animal, the child will increase self-esteem as well as self-confidence, which will help her coping better with their difficulties, fears, and challenges.

Improves physical condition in general and increases the speed of the child’s reflexes. 

So, as you can see, there are many pros of horse riding for kids, so, do not forget to add it in your wish-sport list!

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