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Planning a Safari with kids

Are you thinking about planning a Safari with kids? You know children love animals and there is no doubt that a safari is a great way to give them the opportunity to look closer at jungle animals. This is one of the best children’s activities and you can teach your little ones that is important to respect all life in the world which includes respecting their habitat. 

We all know that the best safaris are in Africa and they can be an interesting experience for families with kids. A safari can be an enriching experience for them, but you must look at your children’s profile and maturity.

Involving the whole family in the process of planning a safari with kids it’s the best way to get them excited with the travel and to ensure your safari will be a success. So you can show them pictures, maps, books and movies, and also info about the culture and the characteristics of the people and place. tips planning a safari with kids

You must bear in mind that it’s not a cheap activity, so if you have a short budget this is not the best activity for you! So, let’s see what you must do when you are planning a safari with kids.

Planning a Safari with kids – Some tips


The first thing you need to decide is the place where you are going to do this. There is no doubt that South Africa is the best place to do a safari with kids. The roads and infrastructures are much better than the other countries.

But there are many other aspects that you must look.


The best time to go with kids is during the dry season (at the end of spring or beginning of summer in the south hemisphere – between October and January). At this time the vegetation is much dry and low, so you have better visibility.

tips planning a safari kidsLODGES

When you are planning a Safari with kids you must look for smaller lodges. In general, these are more luxurious and better equipped. These ones offer more attention to kids (they provide derangers’ team and guides who attend to smaller groups).


A family safari can be the travel of your life, but you must plan it very carefully. As you know it is very expensive, so families opt to wait until their kids are 12 y.o., or more, which is the right choice (for me!). Many lodges limit the age to 12 too, because they think that it can be dangerous for them. So look, if your kids and less than 12 y.o. call to the lodges and ask if they accept kids with your children’s age. tips planning safari kids


Safari’s experts recommend that when you are planning a safari with kids you must look at your kids’ age, so the younger the lower should be the stiffness of a program.

There are some safaris especially designed to kids offering game drives in family vehicles, pool, mini golf, babysitting service. So, don’t forget to look for these safaris’ centres which offer these services when you are planning a safari with kids.

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