the importance of using helmet while cycling

Importance of using helmet while cycling

The importance of using helmet while cycling can be a subject that you can find trivial, but in reality it is not. We often see children cycling without a helmet. And this why? We always think that they do not reach high speeds and hence, nothing can happen to them. But know that this is a wrong thought. It is important that they use the correct sports clothes so nothing can go wrong. 

Did you know that among all recreational sports, injuries associated with bicycle falls are the leading cause of referral to the emergency pediatric department?

It scares is not it? That’s right! A simple helmet could prevent many incidents! But the truth is that most people are not attentive to this issue. And that is why today we are writing this post to tell you the importance of using helmet while cycling. the importance of using helmet while cycling

The importance of using helmet while cycling – Don’t forget it! 


Cycling continues to be among the most popular recreational sports, both in adults and children. It is one of the most fun ways that people find to exercise. However, like other sports also requires certain precautions.

The traumatic brain injuries are responsible for two-thirds of the fatalities resulting from bicycle falls, which could be avoided with the use of helmets. Even in cases that do not prevent, they still can reduce the severity of head trauma. The helmets absorb the impact energy and dissipate the energy over a larger area.the importance of kids using helmet while cycling

So, I guess this is enough reason to point the importance of using helmet while cycling. Is not it?

It is, therefore, important to know the general recommendations of the use of helmets.

The helmet must be properly positioned so that you and your children can benefit from all the advantages of the helmet. But how must  we position it?the importance of children use helmet while cycling

  • It should be parallel to the ground when we have our head upright and looking ahead,
  • We should see the helmet flap when we look up,
  • It should be well adapted in the forehead region,
  • We must tighten straps so that the helmet does not move. However do not overtighten it. Make sure that between the strips and chin have room to fit two fingers.

It is also important that you always check the helmet state of integrity. Over time, it will be spoiling, especially when subjected to some falls. When the helmet shows cracks, dents, or several signs of wear, replace it.the importance of children use helmet when cycling

Note also that even without falls, they will be deteriorating. A maximum of 5 in 5 years should buy a new one.

I also need to say to you that you must talk to your kids and explain them the importance of using helmet while cycling. 

It is a citizenship duty do so. Not only prevents they cripple, as prevents any confusion from happening in your neighbourhood.

I alert also to the importance of using the  helmet even when your kids are close to home. Accidents do not choose place!

Still think the helmet is not so important? Certainly you changed your mind, didn’t you? Never forget the importance of using helmet while cycling! 

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