how to create a sporting habit now

How to create a sporting habit

Find out How to create a sporting habit and start changing your lifestyle NOW! I am sure that following our steps you are going to find it very easy, and practising sports will be no longer a sacrifice, but a moment of pleasure! Also, have a look at our previous posts, such as the importance of using helmet while cycling and 5 pros of swimming regularly. They can be useful too! 

We know that practising sports regularly is great for our body and mind, but the truth is that it is not the easier habit to incite in people and in their daily routines.

The most part of people doesn’t know How to create a sporting habit, starting and stopping, one time and another. Well, there is nothing wrong with that, since they start again, right? For that very reason, we are going to give you four simple steps that are going to help you starting and keeping a daily sporting routine.

How to create a sporting habit? Obstacles


Before I tell you how to create a sporting habit, it is important to find out what are the main obstacles to do that, so we can avoid them. Let’s have a look!

  • It’s very hard – People start with a lot of motivation and ambitions, ie, they start with monumental goals. It’s very hard to follow the plan in a long-term. You can keep the rhythm in the first days, but you get tired in a short time. You will lose your energy, and the goals you have planned are no longer so  attractive. how to create a sporting habit now
  • Too many goals – This obstacle derives from the first. As you put a very high expectation, and have too many goals, wanting to do everything at once, ultimately lead to disappointment with yourself for not meeting these objectives. For example: running, lifting weights, eliminate sweets and fried, eat healthily. This will make it extremely difficult to concentrate on the physical exercise (ie, to make it a habit).
  • Lack of motivation – this is the main obstacle. Here we do not speak of lack of discipline, but a lack of motivation. However, this can be combated by keeping a diary of your deeds, inviting a friend or family member to join you, reward yourself with small awards, among many other ways.

How to create a sporting habit: 4 steps


So, for us to know How to create a sporting habit, we need to avoid these obstacles. So we have fours simple steps to help you achieving your goal. Have a look! 

  1. Establish a simple, specific and measurable goal. This is the first step to be successful. You can, for example, write in a paper your goals, and you will be making a commitment to yourself. Attention, make easy targets, like start with 5 minutes of exercise a day, then 10, then 15 minutes, and so on. Keep your plan specific like walk 15 minutes at
  2. Keep a diary.
  3. Keep others informed. Tell what you did today, or during the week. So you will always be motivated, and yet have who motivate you too!
  4. A dash of motivation when needed. If you miss two consecutive days, give a prize yourself whenever you have reached your goals!

So, follow these steps, and I am sure you will succeed! Hope now you know How to create a sporting habit!


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