following the Euro 2016

Following the Euro 2016

We’ve been Following the Euro 2016 with excitement and we have made a selection of the best moments of the Euro 2016. Check here and remember the best goals, moments, and games. You might like also to have a look at our other posts, such as London Marathon times and events and importance of kids’ swimming lessons

Following the Euro 2016: Best Moments


The surprises of this Euro 2016 were many, and some have left me quite pleased. Two of the major surprises were the exhibitions of the teams from Wales and Iceland.

No doubt they showed the claw, strength, and courage, which lacked many of the teams that usually compete in this European tournament.following the Euro 2016 moments

However, most of the surprises, and for me, the most enjoyable, was the victory of the Portuguese team. Against all odds, Portugal won the favorite team in this Euro 2016 (France), in the territory of opponents already in the compensation time.

If you had been Following the Euro 2016, you know how french media always criticized the Portuguese national team, from the start of the competition. By the way, just not the French media as the British, Spaniards, among many others.

One of the phrases that most heard was that the Portuguese selection boiled down to 1 + 10, referring to Cristiano Ronaldo as the only competent player on the whole team.following the Euro 2016 cristiano ronaldo

During the final, the Portuguese national team star suffered an injury due to a strong entry of Payet at 9 minutes of the game, which left him unable to play in 25 minutes of the first half.

The French already saw victory near, because for them the only danger lay in this player.

But it seems that the Portuguese went round the French, and once again win the French invasion with a goal from Eder already passed the 110 minutes.

Cristiano Ronaldo, who was crying with sadness when leaving litter, after 25 minutes, from the battlefield, wept with joy when he saw his team win the first international competition.

In fact, if you were Following the Euro 2016, you will agree that one of the best moments of Euro 2016 was to see the great CR7 jumping and screaming in the substitutes’ bench, giving directions into the field, never leaving his team captaincy.following the Euro 2016

The emotion was visible in the eyes of the captain of the fives team when he lifted the trophy of European champions, and to tell the truth, even I cried to see the excitement of those warriors who against everything and everyone fought til the end and won against all expectations.

If you were following the Euro 2016 you certainly remember of the Irish fans. Because not all are goals and victories, the Irish, in addition to showing a large claw team, they were said as the team with the best fans in all of the Europe.

Throughout the championship the fans kept the party, and even after being eliminated by the winning team of Euro 2016, they showed great support to their players. following Euro 2016

Also, Iceland showed great spirit chanting at the end of the game Viking greeting that was known by all, and that even French players have adopted (very sad in my opinion!).

Well, hope you enjoyed our selection of the best moments of the Euro 2016, and if you were following the Euro 2016 let us know your favourite moments.

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