cricket tutorial for children

Cricket tutorial for kids

Hi there! Let’s see a Cricket tutorial for kids! This game is just awesome, so nothing is better than teaching it to kids. So, let’s check this tutorial for kids and enjoy a sunny day at the park! Don’t forget to read our posts about skateboard lessons for kids and fun rides for kids in Manchester. You can spend a great time with your little one! 

Cricket tutorial for kids and adults


Cricket is a very nice sport, akin to baseball, and that is quite complete. It has countless benefits for the little ones, and for adults too. Therefore, we decided to give you this cricket tutorial for kids, where we will explain how to make the positions of the sport. Look!best cricket tutorial for kids

Batting Stance

To do this position, follow these tips:

  • Side on to the bowler.
  • Keep your head upright, eyes level.
  • Place your feet shoulder width apart.
  • Bat resting behind back foot.

Batting Grip

  • Put your hands together in the middle of the handle.
  • Vs formed by the thumb and index finger, to point down the back  of the bat ( between the middle and front).

Bowling Grip

  • Put Fingers either side of the seam and thumb underneath.

Are you enjoying this cricket tutorial for kids? Check some other positions! cricket tutorial for children

Pull the String

  • Stand side on to the target.
  • Imagine your hands are joined by a string.
  • Pull the string with the front arm reaching for the sky and bowling arm next to back knee.
  • Pull the string down with the front arm to bring the bowling hand up and over to release the ball.
  • Follow through with the bowling hand across the body.

Rock and Bowl

To make the rock and bowl, follow our cricket tutorial for kids.

  • Make a cross with the arms. Now turn on the side with the arm holding the ball at the back.
  • Keep your head level and turned to look at the batter.
  • Begin rocking from front foot to back foot.
  • Once you have a good rock, release the ball as you rock forward.
  • Your front arm pulls down past hip with bowling arm following across your body.


  • Keep your feet to shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent.
  • The head should be still, and always with eyes on the ball.
  • You must use both hands to create a large catching area.
  • Put Fingers point up, down or to the side.
  • Catch with soft hands giving with the tutorial kids


  • First, hold the ball with fingers across the seam.
  • Then, stand side on and point towards your target with the hand without the ball.
  • Now, reach back and high with the throwing hand with your fingers on top of the ball.
  • Now you just need to pull your front arm down and throw the ball.
  • Follow through with your throwing hand across your body.

These are the basic things you can teach your child. As he learns, you can include other positions and rules in order to be able to teach him everything that relates to this sport.

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