the best martial arts for kids

Best Martial Arts for kids

What are the Best Martial Arts for kids? And when to start? In this post, we are going to answer these questions! As of now know that the practice of martial arts to children helps in the body, cognitive and social development. See more on the subject below! Also, see our previous posts on Importance of kids’ swimming lessons and Sports Clothes for kids

Is your child inspired by video games, cartoons, and movies? Know that it is quite common the small ones interest in fighting due to some games and cartoons.

Therefore, martial arts for kids are a good sports tip that involves struggle, but also a lot of concentration and emotional control.

But what are the best martial arts for kids? When should they start learning? Take a look at this post and find everything!

Find the best martial arts for kids


According to some doctors and trainers, the best martial arts are judo and jujitsu. You should avoid the most violent, like boxing and muay thai. As for Taekwondo, it has very strong blows and must be started to be practiced only in adolescence.the best martial arts for kids

And when is the best time to start martial arts?

When we speak in the less violent martial arts, we can point to 6 years old, as the recommended age to play fights. Note that only from this age they are fully coordinated at an engine level.

Regardless of which martial art you choose for your child, even if it is the best martial arts for kids, you should keep in mind that you should not require victories from children before age 12.

Only from 12 years old children begin to deal with the emotional side, only being for that time prepared to deal with feelings of defeat, normal in any fight, because for someone wins another must lose.

It is also important you know the instructors who train your child.

They must be qualified and must have experience with children. Parents should charge a consistent formation with the offered proposal and commitment to children’s health.

Knowing a little bit more about the best martial arts for kids

Now that you know the best martial arts for kids, and when is the best time to start practicing, let’s see a little bit more about judo and jujitsu!  best martial art for kids


Through judo child can experience new and different movements, helping to improve coordination, to have a better body control to perform the movements and get expand their engine “acquis” with these experiences.

Hereby, children with good body control, good kinesthetic motor imagery, and exploiting their bodily skills, have better self-esteem, self-confidence and this reflects positively on school performance. best martial art for children


The Jujitsu also has many benefits for children. They learn:

  • Muscle control;
  • Improvement of reflection;
  • Reason development;
  • Mental balance;
  • Strengthening the character and morals;
  • Self-confidence building;
  • Respect for fellow;
  • Sense of discipline and hierarchy.

Independently of martial art, in all of them, children learn moral lessons that lead to life, as the fellowship and the spirit of sacrifice! Enjoy the best martial arts for kids! 

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