Best 5 team sports for young children

Looking for the Best 5 team sports for young children? If you want to make your children’s to be sportive, check these great kids team sports. So, take a look at this post, and do not forget to also read our previous posts, such as how to create a sporting habit and 5 pros of swimming regularly. Are you curious to find the best team sports for little kids? Take a look! 

If you are looking for a sport for your young child, then you must follow some steps to choose the best one. There is no doubt that sports are the best option when we are looking for an out school activity.

Sports keep children healthy and active, but they also learn important values, such as teamwork, discipline, organisation, among many others. The question is what is the Best 5 team sports for young children. Let’s try to select the best 5. 

Best 5 team sports for young children to 12 y.o. 

Before choosing the best 5 team sports for young children, you need to choose a sport that you kid likes. If your little one already shows a willing of practice a particular sport, then you must take into account it.

Then you must be aware of your child’s abilities. As you know, there are some people who have a natural gift for some sports, and others have no talent for it at all.

You also need to know if your child can follow instructions, keep calm, listen to somebody, if your child likes to be with other children, and if she is more like a lider, or for opposite, she is quite.

Depending on her personality, there are some better sports than others.

Well, to make your life a little bit easier, we made a selection of the Best 5 team sports for young children, at least for the majority. best 5 team sports for young children to 12


This is the king sport, is not it? In fact, football is one of the child’s’ favourite sports, especially for boys. However, you need to find if your little one has some required abilities. The first thing you need to know is if your child wants to dedicate herself to this sport. Then you must pay attention to her training and check how she is going.


These two sports are great for kids of all ages. However, as we are talking about team sports, let us forget about tennis and let’s concentrate on basketball.

Just like football, this is great and kids love it. It is the child’s second favourite sport, so it is an excellent option, especially if you have a tall child. It is also great for girls, who are more likely to enjoy this one. best-team-sports-for-young-children


This one is my favourite one, maybe because I practised it when I was a young girl! Yes, it is true. And i can tell you that girls love rugby as much as boys do.


This is a sport that girls love. We are not talking about ballet, but dance in a group. This is a perfect way to meet new friends, and share a great experience together, besides it is awesome for their health!

This is one os the Best 5 team sports for young children. I personally love this one. It brings all the team sports benefits, and kids usually have a loot of fun practising it. 
What did you think about our selection of the Best 5 team sports for young children? Share with us your suggestions! 

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